• David McClister
    In Motion
  • Henry Horenstein
    Honky Tonk
  • Danny Clinch
    Keeping Time
  • Adam Jahiel
    The Last Cowboy
  • Tim Davis and Michael McCall
    Curating Country
  • Ed Rode
    A City of Masters: Nashville’s Songwriters and Musicians
  • Lawson Little
    The Evolution of Americana Music in Nashville
  • Amelia Davis (speaking about Jim Marshall)
    “It’s Never Just Been a Job, It’s Been My Life” – J.M.
  • Michael Wilson and Shannon Perich
    Finding Light
  • Raeanne Rubenstein
    From NYC to Nashville - Shooting Country's Biggest Stars
  • Melanie Dunea
    My Country
  • William Albert Allard
    Pictures From an Ongoing Love Affair
  • Kurt Markus
    Memories and Cowboy Photographs
  • Sara Terry
    The Itinerant FOLK Nation
  • Jeff Lipsky
    Nashville Stories
Sara Terry
The Itinerant FOLK Nation
Thursday, June 12, 2014 6:30-8:00pm

Sara Terry began making documentaries after a long, award-winning career in journalism and photojournalism. She has spent three years documenting the sub-culture of the American folk scene for her feature-length documentary FOLK.

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A 2012 Guggenheim Fellow in Photography, Terry’s work has premiered at SXSW, won several awards at festivals and been broadcast on EPIX. She won a 2009 Sundance grant for her first documentary Fambul Tok and was also a fellow at the 2010 IFP Doc Lab.

Terry’s lecture will include photos, clips and anecdotes about the talented three singer-songwriters in FOLK, as well as her adventures in “the itinerant folk nation.”

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