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    In Motion
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    Honky Tonk
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    Keeping Time
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    The Last Cowboy
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    A City of Masters: Nashville’s Songwriters and Musicians
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    The Evolution of Americana Music in Nashville
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    From NYC to Nashville - Shooting Country's Biggest Stars
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  • William Albert Allard
    Pictures From an Ongoing Love Affair
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    Memories and Cowboy Photographs
  • Sara Terry
    The Itinerant FOLK Nation
  • Jeff Lipsky
    Nashville Stories
William Albert Allard
Pictures From an Ongoing Love Affair
Thursday, June 26, 2014 6:30-8:00pm

photo by Joe McNally

A pioneer in color photography, William Albert Allard has contributed to National Geographic Magazine as a writer and photographer for fifty years. Author of six highly acclaimed books, his first, Vanishing Breed: Photographs of the Cowboy and the West, he received the National Cowboy Hall of Fame Wrangler Western Heritage Award for Best Western Art Book, the Leica Medal for Outstanding Achievement and was nominated for The American Book Award.

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Allard’s most recent photographic contribution to National Geographic Magazine is “Love And Loss on the Seine” in the May, 2014 issue, a short essay on the river that winds its way through central Paris, continuing to inspire artists and lovers as it has for centuries.

Allard’s lecture will draw upon his work done on the American West over his continuing career. More a portraitist than a landscapist, Allard photographs exhibit an intimacy and immersion in his subjects and their lifestyles.  Long known for his work on the West, Allard is also noted for his work among the Hutterites of Montana.

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