• David McClister
    In Motion
  • Henry Horenstein
    Honky Tonk
  • Danny Clinch
    Keeping Time
  • Adam Jahiel
    The Last Cowboy
  • Tim Davis and Michael McCall
    Curating Country
  • Ed Rode
    A City of Masters: Nashville’s Songwriters and Musicians
  • Lawson Little
    The Evolution of Americana Music in Nashville
  • Amelia Davis (speaking about Jim Marshall)
    “It’s Never Just Been a Job, It’s Been My Life” – J.M.
  • Michael Wilson and Shannon Perich
    Finding Light
  • Raeanne Rubenstein
    From NYC to Nashville - Shooting Country's Biggest Stars
  • Melanie Dunea
    My Country
  • William Albert Allard
    Pictures From an Ongoing Love Affair
  • Kurt Markus
    Memories and Cowboy Photographs
  • Sara Terry
    The Itinerant FOLK Nation
  • Jeff Lipsky
    Nashville Stories
Raeanne Rubenstein
From NYC to Nashville - Shooting Country's Biggest Stars
Thursday, July 17, 2014 6:30-8:00pm

From her early days as a fashion photographer in London, to her work shooting celebrity portraits, to the creation of the online Dish Magazine, Raeanne Rubenstein has worked with some of the biggest names in movies, music and pop culture.

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At the start of her career, Rubenstein made her name in New York City shooting such celebrities Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Muhammed Ali, John Lennon, Dustin Hoffman, Rod Stewart, Pete Townsend, John Belushi, Paul Simon, Andy Warhol, Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd, Robin Williams, Mick Jagger and KISS for various media outlets. She has had 10 books of her photographs published through the years, including three focusing on country music stars, entitled Honky Tonk Heroes, Gone Country and Country Music: The People, Places & Events That Shaped The Country Sound, and has contributed hundreds of her pictures to magazines, CD covers, films and books worldwide.

She will share what it takes to capture unique and revealing images of country’s honkytonk heroes. She will reveal some of the hilarious, unforgettable and totally true experiences she’s had with the stars of country music.

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