Tyler Stableford
Out There: Capturing The Dramatic Moment
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    Capturing Mother Nature at Her Worst
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    The Sami Reindeer Herders
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  • Tyler Stableford
    Out There: Capturing The Dramatic Moment
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    Photographing Nature's Giants
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    Earth from Below
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    In The Footsteps Of Giants
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    American Ocean
  • Stephen O'Meara
    Does the Moon Affect Volcanoes on Earth?
Tyler Stableford
Out There: Capturing The Dramatic Moment
Thursday, January 27, 2011

A teacher at heart, Canon "Explorer of Light" award winner Tyler Stableford uses adventure photography and filmmaking to capture that elusive so-called "dramatic moment." In his lecture, Stableford takes the audience behind the scenes of his latest assignments - from his exploration of rare ice caves to his coverage of the dangerous lives of underground coal miners.

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Stableford's work has earned him an international clientele, and Men's Journal named him one of the seven "World's Greatest Adventure Photographers." He is an ambassador for Adobe Systems and the Sandisk Extreme Team. Stableford has won numerous awards from Photo District News, the International Photography Awards, Communication Arts, American Photography and National Geographic Traveler.

He volunteers to shoot at least one week annually for nonprofits and is an active member of the environmental business organization 1% For The Planet.


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