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James P. Blair
Being There
Thursday, March 20, 2014 6:30-8:00pm

From 1962 to 1994, James P. Blair served as a staff photographer for National Geographic.  He has had 47 stories published and over 2000 pictures printed in the magazine, including major coverage of Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Ethiopia, West Africa, Iran, Greece and the United States.  

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As a result of his coverage of South Africa, Blair was made a Poynter Fellow at Yale University. He also received the Overseas Press Club of America Award for Best Photographic Reporting from Abroad for this coverage. In addition, he has received numerous awards from the National Press Photographers Association and the White House News Photographers Association.

He will discuss National Geographic’s long history of covering important world events, in addition to its better-known natural history and geography stories. Oftentimes National Geographic is able to provide more complete information, including background and context, than newspapers, television and online sources can because of their short deadlines.

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