Bonnie Folkins
Riding with the Eagle Hunters
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Bonnie Folkins
Riding with the Eagle Hunters
Thursday, January 3, 2013 6:30-8:00pm

Canadian born, Bonnie Folkins is an accomplished artist with over 50 solo exhibitions in Canada, the US and Portugal, as well as hundreds of paintings in permanent collections all over North America.  Folkins is committed to telling the stories of the people of Mongolia, preserving their endangered and disappearing culture through photography.

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Buyan-Olgii is nestled in Mongolia’s Altai Mountains bordering China, Kazakhstan, and Russia. It is home to the Kazakh people who fled the Russian Empire’s army over 200 years ago from their native Kazakhstan, and it is where they have remained isolated, holding onto their sacred traditions and culture. Folkins’ lecture will focus on their rich cultural heritage, unique customs and dress.

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