Henry Rollins
Henry Rollins on Photography
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    Henry Rollins on Photography
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Henry Rollins
Henry Rollins on Photography
Thursday, July 19, 2012 6:30-8:00pm

Photo: © Heidi May

Henry Rollins has spent over three decades traveling the world and performing on stages in over 45 countries. He has traveled solo to over 35 more. On many of these journeys, he carries a camera and goes deep into slums, souks and villages.

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He photographs the people who live there and the challenging conditions they endure.

Rollins has not had any professional photography training beyond the basics. Coming from the do-it-yourself world of independent music, he simply gets the visa stamps on his passport and hits the road.

In this presentation, Rollins will explain why he chooses to explore places such as North Korea, Sudan, Haiti and Bangladesh to get his images and what happens when he does. He will discuss the power of the still image and how in a world of instant communication, 24/7 media and the resultant blur, the clear image is more important than ever.

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