Sunday, March 29th, 2009 to Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

L8S ANG3LES: 11 LA photographers -
Images as diverse as the city for which it's named.

In the words of Anne Wilkes Tucker, Special Advisor to the Annenberg Space for Photography and the Gus and Lyndall Wortham Curator of Photography at The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston:

The inaugural exhibition of the Annenberg Space for Photography celebrates the breadth of contemporary photography through works by eight internationally renowned photographers whose images capture the complexity and vitality of the city of Los Angeles. L8S ANG3LES  features different genres of contemporary photographic exploration - architecture, portraiture, photojournalism, and art - with interrelated themes weaving throughout. Moreover, through a relationship with the Los Angeles Times,  L8S ANG3LES will also feature the work of celebrated Times staff photographers and a selection of archival photographs of the city going back over 100 years.

Julius Shulman and Tim Street-Porter are famous for their focus on both modern and vernacular southern California architecture. Douglas Kirkland and Greg Gorman memorably portray the city's celebrities from the industries for which LA is best known, while Lauren Greenfield's photographs probe the lives of children who "grow up in the shadow of Hollywood." Carolyn Cole's visual reports from international war zones are made for The Los Angeles Times as are the works of Lawrence Ho, Kirk McKoy, and Genaro Molina. Catherine Opie's series "In and Around Home" merges personal and local issues with global perspectives. And John Baldessari adds dry wit to the practice of "nip and tuck" and to "painting" one's face in his most recent series.

L8S ANG3LES embodies the spirit of the Annenberg Foundation's mission to improve the well-being of the community through the exchange of ideas and innovative thinking, setting a vibrant tone for future exhibitions to follow.

About Anne Wilkes Tucker: Special Advisor and The Gus and Lyndall Wortham Curator of Photography at The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.

We extend special thanks to Anne Wilkes Tucker, the renowned photography curator from the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston. Ms. Tucker founded the photography department at the museum where she has worked since 1976. Tucker has curated over forty exhibitions and has been awarded fellowships by the National Endowment for the Arts, the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation and The Getty Center. Her keen sense of the history and progress of photography in the gallery setting earned her the unique recognition by Time Magazine as "America’s Best Curator" in 2001.

Lauren Greenfield

Lauren Greenfield's work features the dark side of the idealized world of stardom and celebrity.

Widely acclaimed for her intimate studies of youth culture, Lauren Greenfield's photographs probe the darker side of the idealized worlds of stardom and celebrity. Greenfield (born 1966) established the subject matter that has remained her primary focus with her landmark 1997 book, Fast Forward: Growing up in the Shadow of Hollywood, which focuses on young girls and the sub-cultures that spring from the influence of Hollywood and the recording industry. In Girl Culture, published in 2002, she documented girls' obsessions with shopping, parties, cosmetics, hair styles, body image, and rites of passage.

Greenfield's work provides an important counterpoint to the celebrity photographs of Douglas Kirkland and Greg Gorman, bursting the illusions that Hollywood is so successful in conveying. In addition to her photographic essays, Greenfield has produced two documentary films, Thin and kids + money. The latter two projects extend her attention to media's effects on boys and adults as well as girls.

Greenfield's most recent monograph, Thin, published in 2006, is an extension of her previous work on the cult of image. She intimately documents patients at an eating disorder clinic, examining the point at which an obsession with body image becomes a pathology of mental illness.