SPORT: looss & Leifer
Saturday, November 14th, 2009 to Sunday, March 7th, 2010

The Annenberg Space for Photography is pleased to present the work of two photographers whose work transcends their genre - the oeuvre of sports photography. Walter Iooss and Neil Leifer offer a dialogue not just about winning and losing, but all that it means to be human.

Over the span of their careers, Iooss and Leifer have captured the lives of our greatest sports heroes, contributing to the collective visual memory of our times. Their combined photographic experience amounts to nearly a century of documenting history in motion, and creating sports legends.

What shines through the still photographic images are the inner workings of aspiration and triumph; tremendous strength coupled with consummate grace; a keen sense of vision and personal drive propelled by amazing physicality. Ultimately we see the great heights and depths of human experience condensed into single, stirring, revelatory frames.

SPORT is an exhibit you don’t simply observe - you have to experience it!

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Digital Feature
The stirring, still photographs are augmented in the Digital Gallery by a 20-minute high-resolution, live-action film, offering perspectives from the photographers and  their subjects - athletes such as Super Bowl Champion Joe Montana and Olympian Jackie Joyner-Kersee - as well as magazine and newspaper editors, sport commentators and other photographers.

Voice of the Photographer Videos
Voice of the Photographer: Iooss on Leifer - A light-hearted conversation with Walter Iooss about his compatriot and competitor, Neil Leifer.

Voice of the Photographer: Leifer on Iooss -A light-hearted conversation with Neil Leifer about Walter Iooss and his impressions of Walter's skills as a photographer and their shared experiences.

Additional Video Programming
Sport Photo Montage - Two 15-minute showcases of Iooss and Leifer sport images, each displayed on its own screen in the Digital Gallery, that includes their most famous works -- artfully composed and arranged against a compelling musical score. Due to the vast quantity of images presented in the Digital Gallery, we encourage you to watch the photo-montage twice: Please note during the montage - one screen is dedicated to the work of Neil Leifer and the other to the work of Walter Iooss.

The Art of Surf Photography with Art Brewer - Introduces viewers to the unique aspects of surf photography, which differs greatly from shooting baseball, football, etc. (Displayed in the Workshop Area)

The Science of Hitting- Shows viewers how still imagery is used to help baseball players analyze and improve their swing. Includes analysis of the great swings in baseball history as seen in the images of Iooss, Leifer and others. Features former Major League catcher and batting coach for the Detroit Tigers, Don Slaught. (Displayed in the Workshop Area)

Beyond Sport - Offers insight into the role of women in sport, both behind the lens and on the field. (Displayed in the Workshop Area)

Inside Sports Illustrated - Covers the rich photographic legacy of the magazine, including Iooss and Leifer work as well as those of other sports photographers. Viewers will also learn how the magazine's photo department captures 100,000 photographs per week to produce a single issue.  (Displayed in the Reading Room)

Sport Meets Swimsuit -  Takes a unique look at the Swimsuit Issue of Sports Illustrated, whose photographic style is largely due to Walter Iooss' involvement beginning in the early 1970's. (Displayed in the Reading Room)

Sport Gallery Xtra - A looping collection of additional sports imagery from Iooss and Leifer. (Displayed in the Corridor Gallery)

SPORT: Iooss & Leifer