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    We’re proud to host National Geographic Traveler’s “Digital Photography Basics” Seminar at Skylight Studios on Sunday, March 23rd!

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    Photo l.a. is extending a special invitation to friends and supporters of the Annenberg Space for Photography. On Thursday, January 16th (6 - 9 PM), the opening evening of photo l.a. 2014 will honor photographer Douglas Kirkland and benefit Inner-City Arts. To attend this opening gala free of charge, click here.

    Please be advised that seats are limited, and this offer is first-come, first-served.

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    David Guttenfelder

    David Guttenfelder is one of the photographers featured in our current exhibit, The Power of Photography: National Geographic 125 Years.  He is the first western photojournalist with regular access inside North Korea. His Instagram account provides an uncensored look at daily life in the world's most secretive country.  Click "Read More" to watch a short video in which he discusses his experiences in North Korea.

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    Director/choreographer/producer Adam Shankman stopped by the Photography Space recently to see The Power of Photography: National Geographic 125 Years. Hope you enjoyed the exhibit, Adam - thanks for visiting!

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    Wallis Annenberg, Chairman of the Board, President and CEO of the Annenberg Foundation, was interviewed by CBS This Morning.

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    Next year, the craft of photography turns 175 years old. This October, the National Geographic Society celebrates the 125th anniversary of both National Geographic magazine and the Society itself.  What started as an idea for a commemorative exhibit quickly evolved into a groundbreaking multimedia experience, and a first for the Annenberg Space for Photography. We sat down with our Director of Talent and Content Patricia Lanza, a former National Geographic staff photographer,  who gave us a rundown of what to expect from this awe-inspiring exhibition.

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    Who Shot Rock & Roll photographer Norman Seeff returns to the Annenberg Space for Photography this Saturday to take part in our new Meet & Greet series at Skylight Studios. But this won't be just any Meet & Greet. Seeff will present a free multimedia lecture to attendees!

    A little about the photographer: Ex-medical doctor Seeff emigrated from South Africa to New York in 1968 to pursue a career as a photographer, filmmaker and designer. Three years later he relocated to Los Angeles as Art Director at United Artists Records, where his album cover designs and photography received many Grammy nominations. He established his own studio in 1975 and has worked with hundreds of artists including Tina Turner, Ray Charles, The Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson and Joni Mitchell.

    During this Saturday's Meet & Greet, Seeff will give the multimedia lecture, using his remarkable archive of film and video to illustrate how his photography sessions with so many notable artists became a path towards exploring the inner dynamics of creativity.

    After his lecture he will answer audience questions and sign copies of his book, Sessions.

    Attendance is free. Seating is first-come, first-served. Skylight Studios is located across the park from the Annenberg Space for Photography.

    Above photo by Unique Nicole for the Photography Space

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    Professional skateboarder and contemporary artist Ed Templeton and his wife Deanna visited the Photography Space last weekend to check out the Helmut Newton exhibit.  Haven't seen the exhibit yet?  Drop by this weekend!  In addition to our regular weekend hours, we're open on Labor Day from 11am-6pm.

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    Last month, we brought you a vintage House of Style video clip that featured a behind-the-scenes of a Helmut Newton photoshoot with Cindy Crawford. 

    Here's another clip from that show (circa the early 1990s), which features model Eva Herzigová in a shoot for Vogue magazine. In the video, Newton dispenses some wisdom on his photography, such as the belief that some people tend to overanalyze his images.

    "People...they a look at magazines like Vogue," he says, "and they analyze, kind of politically, socially, pictures that are just a fashion photograph."

    Click "read more" to watch the video clip.