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    Lucy Nicholson, December 17, 2009 © Unique for the Space
    On Thursday the amazing Lucy Nicholson - senior staff photographer at Reuters - graced our Space with her lilting British accent, her light-hearted sense of humor and an incredible presentation.

    Lucy Nicholson, December 17, 2009 © Unique for the Space
    From a short film about how an organization the size of Reuters shoots a big event to her own riveting photos, Lucy gave us a lot of rich content from a unique perspective to consider.
    Lucy Nicholson, December 17, 2009  © Unique for the Space
    Seeing what goes into what we end up seeing online (around the world) was a real eye-opener. Once again we learned at the feet of a master (matrix?).

    Lucy even gave a breakdown of the elements that go into Sport photography and discussed the importance of all the different factors...very helpful!

    Lucy Nicholson, December 17, 2009 © Unique for the Space

    She also let us see some of her non-sports portfolio. Lucy Nicholson, December 17, 2009 © Unique for the Space

    Lucy was so down-to-earth and accessible...

    Lucy Nicholson, December 17, 2009 © Unique for the Space

    Long after the Q&A was over Lucy hung around talking with lecture guests, friends and fans...

    Lucy Nicholson, December 17, 2009 © Unique for the Space

    Thank you for rounding out an amazing year of lecture Lucy!
    Happy Holidays everyone!

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    Who's Afraid of Getting Old? Not Rick Rickman or his subjects!

    © Unique for the Photo Space - Rick Rickman

    Last night Rick Rickman pulled back the veil on a "senior underground - a movement that few know about and little has been written about. It's the venue in which people over 60 are enjoying the aging experience by keeping themselves enthusiastically engaged in life itself."

    His infectious enthusiasm and personal stories about the geri-athletes he profiles were the perfect mix. Rick even brought along some of his subjects, including senior surfer Eve Fletcher - who at 83 years is still catching the waves!

    © Unique for the Photo Space - Rickman and Eve Fletcher - senior surfer

    Apparently Rick hangs ten with Eve a few mornings a week and she cuts him NO slack....

    © Unique for the Photo Space - Rickman with photo of Eve Fletcher

    She was similarly feisty in the Q&A that followed the lecture - for us she was the poster girl of the lecture.

    © Unique for the Photo Space - Rickman and Fletcher
    Rick also had on hand a couple of prize winning weight lifters named Bill Cunningham and Jane Hesselgesser whose physiques were in perfect form...and they were well past retirement age.

    © DS for the Photo Space - Rick with image of Bill and Jane
    Holy Jack LaLane!

    The list went on as did the expectation-challenging images. Senior synchronized swimmers, shot-putters and Iron Man competitors!

    © DS for the Photo Space - Senior Synchronized Swimmers

    © DS for the Photo Space - Senior Shot Putter

    Apparently one Rick's subjects, Sister Madonna Buder (not pictured here) finished Iron Man (26 mile run 10 mile swim and 100 mile bike tournament) 22 TIMES - once with broken ribs, elbow and shoulder!

    Just when we thought we couldn't see something new at the Photo Space - it came wrapped in the package of something old...amazing athletes with an amazing life perspectives captured by an amazing photographer.

    © Unique for the Photo Space - Rick Rickman greeting guests
    Thank you Rick Rickman.

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    SPORT: Iooss & Leifer

    Iooss CatalogLeifer Catalog
    Iooss: Kelly Slater                                           Leifer: Muhammad Ali vs. Cleveland Williams

    What's the next best thing to wrapping up Muhammad Ali or Kelly Slater as a holiday gift for your sports aficionado? A limited edition and gallery quality print from the SPORT: Iooss & Leifer exhibit!

    We are now offering visually stirring prints signed by the photographers. Whether your holiday is Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa or old school Solstice, you can wrap a bow around artistry and captured magic for a friend, family member or associate. Proceeds from the sale of the prints will support the future activities of the Annenberg Space for Photography.

    For details about the available prints, click on one of the images above. You will find a wide range of images from a variety of sports and eras. We are also making select monographs of the photographers' work available for purchase. Both prints and books can be purchased at the Photography Space during regular operating hours. We are not currently set up for online sales.

    Phone inquiries from interested parties are welcome. Inquiries can also be submitted by email and fax; however all final transactions must be conducted in person at the Space. To place an order please download an order form linked below, fill it out, and contact a representative at the Annenberg Space for Photography.

    Telephone 213.403.3018, fax 213.403.3100 or email goods@annenbergspaceforphotography.org

    Walter Iooss' sales order form. Neil Leifer's sales order form.

    Make this holiday one that your friends and family will never forget!


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