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    We're only two presenters in in our new Meet & Greet series at our Skylight Studios facility and its already beena roaring success. Earlier this month, rocker and photographer Henry Rollins kicked the series off with a terrific talk which he followed up with an informal book signing. Look for video of that event on our website very soon.

    Just this past weekend, Who Shot Rock & Roll photographer Ed Colver met with fans for our second Meet & Greet. Click "read more" to see photos from that event. Mark your calendars - our next Meet & Greet (featuring Guy Webster) takes place this Sunday from 1-3pm!

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    Film and television star Michael Rapaport stopped by the Space for Photography recently to experience our Helmut Newton exhibit. Have you seen the show yet?

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    By Tara Shannon

    Working on location inspired Helmut Newton - and an inspired Helmut was a really playful Helmut.  This snap was taken during a really great shoot for French Vogue in the south of France where everything was flowing effortlessly and he was in a great mood. June was with him and their Hollywood friends were coming by to say hi.  Bob Rafelson brought Jessica Lang who had her newborn daughter with her.

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    Top photo: Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea
    Photo by Joel Sartore © 2008 National Geographic

    National Geographic is experiencing a landmark birthday this year and we're helping them celebrate.

    Coming to the Photography Space this October 26 is our exciting next exhibit: The Power of Photography: National Geographic 125 Years. Organized in collaboration with National Geographic magazine, the show celebrates the iconic publication’s 125 year anniversary. From iconic images to portraits; landscapes to natural history, the exhibit will offer a wide range of photographic genres and themes free to the public in a special print and digital exhibition that will include two documentaries. National Geographic magazine is the official journal of the National Geographic Society.

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    Musician, author, photographer and previous Iris Nights lecturer Henry Rollins returns to the Annenberg Space for Photography this Saturday to kick off our Meet & Greet series. This brand new program will allow visitors to interact with photographers, photo editors and other guests at Skylight Studios, our recently opened multi-media venue located directly across from the Space for Photography. Unlike the Iris Nights lectures, the format for each Meet & Greet event will vary by photographer but no matter the format, attendees will have the opportunity to interact one-on-one with the featured guest.

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    Guess who's a fan of Helmut Newton? None other than actor Aaron Eckhart, who stopped by the Photography Space this weekend to take in the very popular exhibit. He even agreed to pose for a photo on his way out. What a heck of a guy!

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    In his autobiography, titled simply enough Autobiography, Helmut Newton‬ wrote about his love of Los Angeles and the famed Chateau Marmont, his winter home for many years.

    He wrote: "I Love my winters in the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood, where June and I have stayed for the last 26 years. I have this fascination for familiar surroundings...The 'Domestic Nudes' series began by my wanting to photograph rooms of the Chateau Marmont that I know so well, but who would look at pictures of empty rooms? So I added naked women."

    The above image, taken by co-owner of the Fahey/Klein Gallery and long-time friend of the Newtons, David Fahey, is part of our outdoor exhibit.

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    © Estate of Helmut Newton

    Last month we presented you the point of view of the above photo (Rue Aubriot) by Helmut Newton from the very model featured in the famous image: Vibeke Knudsen. Today, we bring you the perspective from Knuden's husband, Douglas Bergeron, who is a writer, art historian and art collector.

    By Douglas Bergeron

    Helmut Newton’s black & white photo, Rue Aubriot, represents the extension of a long artistic tradition dedicated to showing femmes fatales, erotic vampires and alluring denizens of the Paris night. Charles Baudelaire’s spirit curls around the German photographers tableau, where we see echoes of Nadar’s early monochrome photos of great poets & artists. However, it is Brassai’s photographic depictions of his venuses of the crossroads- pictures of Parisian street walkers taken in the early 1930s, which are most often mentioned as an influence on Newton’s work.

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    Helmut Newton photographed numerous models duing his long career - some more famous than others. One person who had the pleasure of working with Newton is supermodel Cindy Crawford. Last month, the icon attended the opening gala for our Helmut Newton exhibit at the Space for Photography.

    We've uncovered a vintage segment from Crawford's popular 1990s fashion show on MTV, House of Style, which shows her on location in Monte Carlo wth Newton for a Vogue magazine photoshoot. She had this to say about her experience with the legenadry photographer: "I wanted to do Helmut Newton photographs. I didn't want him to photograph me looking like the Madonna….he's one of the few people that can get away with it and it doesn't look raunchy."

    Click "read more" to watch Newton in action in the clip from 1990.

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    Jonas Kesseler in blue spitfire, Glemham Hall, Suffolk, 2009

    By Ruth Ansel

    “For fashion photography to resonate, for people to believe in it, it has to be a real moment.” -- Tim Walker

    The model-as-protagonist is the most vital component among the many that knit together to make a successful photograph says the photographic historian Robin Muir. She must in Walker’s words behave like a ‘silent movie actress’, who possesses a ‘sense of performance’. ‘You are persuading models to act; you try to show them where your inspiration comes from and hope that they understand it and relate to it. Then you all get lost in it…’ Tim Walker: Storyteller is a book about photographs that is made up of fictional narratives that turn fashion into fairy tales.Tim’s love of fashion as a means of realizing his dreams is all about telling a story. I believe every fashion shoot tells a story beyond the fashion. A story about a woman, a story about the time we live in, a story about longing and desire — in this instance a story about always seeing the world through the eyes of an irrepressible child. This process of reaching deep within his unconscious creates photographic magic. What Tim has is a simultaneous sense of elegance, wit, romance and daring. When you think all is light and sunny suddenly a surprisingly dark side emerges. A crying skeleton appears in a field of flowers with beautiful Malgosia Bela in a red wig. He conjours up all these moods with unerring intuive skill. One ingeniously crafted set after another appears in the midst of unlikely places. All this together with a ravishing palette of intensely saturated colors makes for a thrilling visual experience as the book unfolds from page to page.